2018 Retreat Schedule

January 1 — 13: Solo UPARs(Full)

January 7 — 13: Respite**  (Full)

January 22 — February 3: Initial Retreat for Men  (Full)

February 12 — 24: Solo UPARs  (Full)

March 12 — 24: Initial Retreat for Women  (Full)

April 9 — 21: Solo UPARs  (Full)  and Respite  (Full)

May 7 — 19: Initial Retreat for Women  (Full)


June 18 — 30: Solo UPARs  (CANCELLED) and Respite  (CANCELLED)

July 16 — 28: Solo UPAR  (CANCELLED) and Individual Initial Retreats  (CANCELLED)

August 6 — 18: Solo UPAR  (CANCELLED) and Individual Initial Retreats  (CANCELLED) 

September 3 — 15: Solo UPAR  (CANCELLED) and Individual Initial Retreats  (CANCELLED) and Respite (CANCELLED)

October: Shivaji’s Respite

November 5 — 17: Individual Initial Retreat for Men  (CANCELLED)

December 3 — 15: Respite  (CANCELLED)

*An UPAR (Upper Process Advanced Retreat) is now an individual retreat, which includes revised spiritual practices and supplement recommendations with update and follow-up individual consultations, spiritual log review, access to a DVD satsang, and in person satsangs as appropriate. Twelve nights, single room accommodation and staple dry goods in kitchen. An Earth Fare gift card is provided for groceries so retreatants can cook for themselves.

** A Respite, for consultees who have done an UPAR, is a self-directed individual retreat in a peaceful setting. It includes individual accommodations and staple dry goods in the kitchen. The retreatant is responsible for meals. New practices and consultations are not included. (Consultations can be requested.)

*** Self-Illumination Therapy Training Intensive (SITTI) is a comprehensive system of spiritual education for consultees of Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care (PKYC) who have successfully completed a PKYC Initial Spiritual Guidance Retreat and an UPAR. A SITTI is designed to enhance the spiritual development of each individual participant by providing a thorough experiential understanding of inner life, spiritual process, and supportive lifestyle within the context of their regular, ongoing sadhana. Focus is on spiritual advancement through theory, practice, experience, explanation, and practical application. SITTI Intros and Advanced SITTIs are offered.