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See our 2018 Retreat Schedule (click here).  All Assessments, Initial Retreats, Advanced Retreats, and Respites are on hold indefinitely. An Assessment is the prerequisite for an Initial Retreat, which cannot be scheduled prior to an Assessment. Solo UPARs (Upper Process Advanced Retreats) and Solo Respites are for returnees only. Please contact our office for details.

Patanjali Kundalini Yoga-Care (PKYC): www.kundalinicare.com | 865-531-2004

PKYC – USA: serves North America and the British Isles

PKYC – India: for all others

PLEASE NOTE:  We are a small spiritual guidance service for qualified spiritual aspirants.  We are not a Kundalini telephone hot line or crisis intervention center. We do not offer spiritual guidance to individuals prior to an Initial Retreat, which requires an Assessment.


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