The Subtle Body

Kundalini Shakti works in and through her container, the subtle body. The subtle body includes the three central sheaths (koshas) of the five coverings that, according to the Vedic philosophy of India, comprise the human being (see the diagram under “What is Shakti”). These three aspects of the subtle body are the energy, mind, and discernment sheaths. They manifest into the physical body, and they emanate from the causal body. The causal body, in combination with the One, the essential all-pervading core, is Kundalini Shakti, The Divine within.

The three sheaths of the subtle body are:

1. The energy sheath has a subtle physiology of its own, which employs the following aspects:
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– subtle energy functions (vayus or pranas),
– subtle energy currents (nadis),
– subtle energy centers (chakras),
– subtle elements (tattvas),
– subtle perceptive and motor senses (tanmatras),
– subtle breath flow patterns (svaras),
– subtle energy points (marmas), and
– subtle brain centers (dalas).

2. The mental sheath is made up of the following functions:
– the sensory/motor thinking mind (manas),
– the persona, ego, or sense of I-ness (ahamkara), and
– the storehouse of past impressions and patterns (chitta).

3. The discernment sheath is capable of directing awareness outwardly thru mind or inwardly to the divine. It is called buddhi, the refined ability to discern what is truly good and helpful for our inner development from that which is distracting and harmful. If clear, it can convey Divine wisdom to the lower mind

There are a variety of perspectives on Kundalini provided by current texts and experts, each with their own special contribution. From our perspective, Kundalini is not a path in itself but a universal process. It is the essential common factor that is the key to all spiritual experiences regardless of an individual’s religious or spiritual orientation. Kundalini Shakti is the means for deepening our connection to our spiritual endeavor and to the Divine Source itself. The sincere spiritual seeker supports Kundalini Shakti’s ascension agenda by purifying and strengthening their subtle and physical bodies with healthy spiritual lifestyle, accompanied by correct spiritual practice. With this skillful cooperation, Kundalini Shakti is eventually able to elevate herself to union with the One. Ultimately, a Kundalini process can culminate in spiritual realization, attainment of the ultimate goal, returning to her Source in Oneness, Bindu, the pinnacle, which is the Great Illumination beyond phenomena.