Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care is a spiritual service based on Traditional Kundalini Science. The specialty of PKYC is to assist qualified sincere spiritual seekers to reach a stable elevated level from which they can progress more efficiently. From this level, called Makara point in the Upper Brow chakra, they can become firmly established in a non-dual objective witness mode characterized by clarity and spiritual awareness. This helps the unloading of mental, emotional, and energetic obstacles that would block further growth. After reaching this level, Kundalini Shakti determines which upper route she will take to the pinnacle, Bindu, the place of Realization. She then strives on toward Realization, sponsored by the dedicated cooperation and correct support of the advancing aspirant. During this phase, PKYC provides ongoing individualized spiritual education, support, recommendations, and guidance so the seeker can more skillfully and dedicatedly help Kundalini Shakti make efficient, untroubled, and speedy progress toward Liberation.

To more fully understand the theoretical base of Traditional Kundalini Science, reading Kundalini Vidya is recommended.

Kundalini Assessment.
To receive an assessment of the kind of Kundalini process the individual is experiencing, applicants submit three autobiographical histories (personal, spiritual, and health) and other descriptive data in response to our application packet. The assessment is a prerequisite to all further PKYC services.

Initial Spiritual Guidance Retreat.
To correct and elevate the Kundalini process of an interested, qualified, and assessed seeker, a special routine of customized spiritual practices is recommended. These are provided in the context of an Initial Spiritual Guidance Retreat. The individualized set of gentle practices consists of several specifically selected physical postures, breathing patterns, meditation/contemplation techniques, dietary and lifestyle considerations, and Ayurvedic dietary supplements for the energy system. The practices vitalize the system, carefully direct the flow of subtle energy, and focus the mind to support Kundalini Shakti’s efforts to open blocks and improve the seeker’s rising. The retreat is designed to train the individual in their customized routine and to monitor their process and progress in person as they practice it. The retreat includes four daily spiritual practice sessions, spiritual teaching, and individual spiritual direction sessions. The goal of the retreat is to establish the individual’s rising at the stable, advanced base camp, Makara point in the upper Brow center (Ajna chakra), from where she can more easily advance.

Ongoing Consultation Service. To help the consultee better understand what they are experiencing and to better manage their adaptation and continued progress during the renovation and restoration phase that follows reaching Makara, regular spiritual direction consultation sessions are scheduled. Consultees report experiences from their spiritual logs and receive instruction, guidance, and support as they learn to establish a solid spiritual life and to facilitate and manage the unloading of their old mental/ emotional impressions, thereby making way for further self-development and spiritual progress.

Upper Process Advancement Retreats. To intensify progress, address specific needs and blocks, clarify aspects of spiritual life, and deepen spiritual experience, spiritual guidance retreats, called Upper Process Advancement Retreats (UPARs), are scheduled by arrangement. Revised spiritual practice routines, spiritual education, individual consultations, and regular practice sessions are provided.