PKYC: An Individualized Spiritual Direction Service

PKYC: An Individualized Spiritual Direction Service for Seekers of All Paths

PKYC provides individualized spiritual guidance to seekers of all paths, assisting those who want a more fulfilling spiritual life but feel stuck or incomplete, even though they may already be using various means to improve their inner development. PKYC specializes in facilitating spiritual progress and has a special understanding of spiritual experiences such as unexplained sensations of light, energy, vibrations, currents, movement, heat, awareness, non-ordinary gifts, and deep yearning for spiritual advancement.

Such experiences may be signs that a person’s active spiritual process is urging them to deepen their spiritual quest and to find qualified guidance to help them learn how to more effectively support the divine’s efforts to transform them. PKYC aims to do this, supporting and enhancing a person’s chosen spiritual orientation while remaining grounded in its own inclusive tradition.

To educate seekers, PKYC offers spiritual teachings (satsangs.) Seekers also can schedule a spiritual consultation to address spiritual concerns. To fine tune this, PKYC offers assessments of spiritual process, based on autobiographical information the individual provides, to identify what is going on in a person’s subtle body system, which is made up of mind and energy dynamics.

To help the individual overcome subtle blocks and lifestyle obstacles that might be curtailing spiritual growth, PKYC provides each individual with a customized set of spiritual practices designed to address their trouble spots. Practices are given in the context of small personal retreats during which participants are taught specifically selected posture, breathing, and meditation practices as well as Ayurvedic support and spiritual instruction and counseling to promote spiritual growth.

Joan’s book, Kundalini Vidya, The Science of Spiritual Transformation, describes the theoretical base of PKYC, which she learned in India under the instruction of her teacher, Swami Chandrasekharanand Saraswati. Kundalini Vidya is an exquisite, practical, and comprehensive model of spiritual development that explains the spiritual journey from beginning to end. It demystifies spiritual life by offering precise explanations that clarify the hows and whys of spiritual practice and progress. It provides a thorough description of subtle body physiology so seekers can understand how to correctly and efficiently support their spiritual life and to cooperate effectively with the deep inner calling that is drawing us to the Source. That which is calling us is our own inner expert spiritual director, known as Kundalini Shakti in the Vedic tradition, the divine light, love, and life within who pulls and guides us to enjoy our true birthright: union with the One, the direct experience of Truth.

Joan has taught yoga, Vedanta, and meditation for more than thirty-five years and is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She is also a psychologist with a special focus on spiritual interests.