Supporting Kundalini Process

The following general recommendations may be helpful in supporting spiritual life and Kundalini process:

(In short, a healthy, stable, peaceful, virtuous, and spiritually focused lifestyle is the essential foundation for supporting and improving a Kundalini process).

Healthy Lifestyle:

– Have natural, wholesome, nutrition that is correct for your system.
– Eat with peaceful awareness.
– Get sufficient sleep and adequate rest.
– Create a life situation that is balanced and secure.
– Limit stress and overwork; simplify your life.
– Get gentle, simple exercise (walk, swim, bike, dance, garden, etc.).
– Enjoy uplifting pastimes (nature, music, the arts, reading, handiwork, etc.).
– Do your psychological inner work (journal, reflect, examine, uncover, etc.).
– Find and create supportive, understanding relationships.
– Cultivate objective awareness and loving kindness toward self and others.
– Establish strategies to remain undisturbed by potentially harmful others.
– Be spiritual and regulated in sex, honoring the single or married state.
– Seek appropriate health care to identify and treat medical conditions.
– Take appropriate dietary supplements.
– Forego unnecessary, intense, and risky interventions or practices.
– Do not use non-prescription psychotropic drugs, including hallucinogens.
– Do not abuse nicotine, alcohol, or other addictive substances.

Spiritual Lifestyle:

– Accept your spiritual process; do not fight against it or pathologize it.
– Find a tradition-based spiritual model for understanding your process.
– Cultivate discernment, and clarify your belief system.
– Choose a focused spiritual (not a merely metaphysical/esoteric) path.
– Practice your spiritual path sincerely and regularly.
– Inwardly clarify which aspect of the divine (or One) you best relate to.
– Identify and live by spiritual values, priorities, and purpose.
– Live by sound ethics and virtue.
– Perform your life duties with love, skill, and non-attachment.
– Use careful discernment if seeking psychic/energy/primal interventions.
– Refrain from cultivating or misusing psi capacities or occult practices.
– Seek moderation (not extremes, excitement, highs, wonders, or the sensational).
– Reduce behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that distract from the spiritual goal.
– Cultivate those behaviors that lead toward the spiritual goal.
– Create a peaceful home environment conducive to spiritual practice.
– Cultivate faith and devotion; have patience and perseverance.

Spiritual Practice:

– Establish a regular, appropriate daily personal spiritual practice.
– Find authentic, skilled spiritual guidance, education, and counsel.
– Make a time to engage in spiritual, scriptural study.
– Use a prayer/meditation pose that is correct for your body/system.
– Do carefully selected postures/stretches that are correct for you.
– Do correct, selected, gentle breathing practices.
– Use correct concentration, meditation, and contemplation methods.
– Use prayer, sacred chant, and mantra repetition.
– Affirm your spiritual purpose with dedication.
– Cultivate constant awareness of the Divine/One.
– Pray like a laser beam for spiritual guidance and divine assistance.