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Patanjali Kundalini Yoga-Care was founded by Swami Chandrasekharanand Saraswati (1930-2016), a master in the lineage of Kundalini Vidya.  He established two aspects: PKYC-USA and PKYC-India.

PKYC-USA offers guidance to residents of North America (USA and Canada) and the British Isles.

Its director is Joan Shivarpita Harrigan, PhD.

PKYC-USA is currently not offering retreats.


PKYC-India provides guidance to residents of all parts of the world.

Its director is Silvia Viryanand Eberl, lineage heir.




All applicants to PKYC must complete a Three Histories report to receive an assessment of their Kundalini process. Once their Kundalini process is determined, qualified applicants may be considered to participate in a small Initial Retreat to improve their spiritual process. Follow-up is expected.

 Patanjali Kundalini Yoga-Care is a spiritual direction service for sincere qualified spiritual seekers who have adequate stability of body, energy, mind, life situation, and resources so they can sustain regular spiritual practice and a secure, healthy, spiritual lifestyle during and after their Initial PKYC Retreat.

 PKYC provides individualized spiritual recommendations and guidance for promoting spiritual development. It supports serious motivated aspirants to live and progress spiritually while maintaining a peaceful, productive, ethical life in the world.

PKYC does not provide medical, psychological, or emergency services and is not designed to address emotional or health crises or instabilities. It is not a clinic. a yoga center, or a hotline. Each consultee accepts responsibility for his or her own progress through study, discernment, supportive lifestyle, stable life situation, and regular spiritual practice.