There are three phases of the PKYC Spiritual Consultation Service.


Preliminary: To increase understanding of Kundalini process and how to support it.
Ongoing Support: To adapt to the elevation of Shakti, establish a stable spiritual life, and support the Renovation/Restoration phase.
Advanced: To deepen understanding of your spiritual life, cooperate with spiritual process, and advance to Self-Realization.


Pre-retreat consultation sessions are optional and are designed to provide PKYC applicants with support following their Assessment while awaiting their Initial Spiritual Guidance Retreat. The focus of this spiritual direction session is improved understanding and general maintenance rather than specific recommendations, which are provided only during a Spiritual Guidance Retreat.

Ongoing Support

Following their Initial Retreat, PKYC consultees are instructed to support their process by engaging in monthly follow-up consultations for at least a year. The spiritual consultations give instruction and support as consultees pursue the spiritual practices they have been given to improve their Kundalini process while living a healthy, spiritual lifestyle. Through this service, consultees receive individual spiritual direction to better understand what they are experiencing, to establish a spiritual lifestyle, to adapt to the new status of their rising, to uphold subsequent adjustments in their subtle system, to assure that the Renovation/Restoration phase is comfortable and stable as they pursue deeper spiritual development, and to see that their process continues to progress efficiently toward advanced process.

It is especially important that consultees receive this spiritual direction in the unloading project of the Renovation/Restoration phase that takes place after reaching Makara. In this way, the advancement of the individual’s progress can be monitored, some recommendations can be revised, difficulties can be addressed or avoided, and explanations of progress can be given. Without personal spiritual guidance, there is a risk of the seeker’s falling prey to the mind’s old mental/emotional/behavior patterns that may subvert spiritual progress.

In preparation for their sessions, consultees keep journal entries regarding the regularity of their practices, the results of their recommendations, and their inner experiences. Before meeting, applicants are also requested to contemplate their spiritual life and to formulate specific questions relevant to their spiritual understanding. Then they schedule a session and e-mail their report.

Following the first year after their Initial Retreat, the frequency of consultations is mutually determined by the consultee and spiritual director. Regular contact to establish a solid spiritual direction relationship is highly encouraged. Spiritual direction is advisable for all serious seekers.


Additional support and guidance are offered to advanced consultees who have completed the Support phase. This service is designed to assist in supporting their process through advanced stages of spiritual development beyond Bindu. Continued spiritual practice, dietary supplements, and spiritual direction help in this endeavor. Advanced guidance and education provide as-needed check-in to improve clarity and understanding and to overcome potential delays. To address specific needs, intensify progress, and further education, advanced consultees can also participate in UPARs to receive revised recommendations for spiritual practice.