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Data Sheet

Three Histories Outline

Goal: To understand your Kundalini rising and process.

PKYC Kundalini Assessment Service

To find out the kind of Kundalini process you have, submit three autobiographical histories (personal, health, and spiritual) and other descriptive data in response to our application packet. Requesting a Kundalini assessment does not imply any intention to seek further services from PKYC. We provide this service so that seekers who are dedicated to furthering their spiritual progress will have a better understanding of their own spiritual development within the theoretical frame provided by our model.

The Assessment Service verifies whether the applicant has a Kundalini rising and clarifies the type of rising they have. A Kundalini Assessment from PKYC gives information regarding the type and level of the rising, the blocks and complications regarding progress, additional phenomena associated with the rising, identification of relevant non-Kundalini symptoms, and some explanation and interpretation of the individual’s spiritual process to date.

Individuals who have had a rising from birth or who have had no dramatic energetic or non-ordinary experiences might not realize that they are in a Kundalini process and that it could be improved, to their spiritual benefit, with proper guidance. They may attribute their Kundalini process, related personal qualities, and uncomfortable symptoms to other causes. Likewise, people with no rising sometimes attribute some non-ordinary or energy experiences to a Kundalini rising when they do not actually have one yet. The Assessment Service explains your rising and places it in context. Even when it seems clear that a rising exists, each rising has a unique quality. There are many possible overlays to risings and a vast array of possible experiences and variations among the types of risings. An accurate assessment of the rising is essential to making effective recommendations to improve the rising and thereby make spiritual progress. For this reason, the PKYC Kundalini Assessment is the prerequisite to all other PKYC services.

To apply for an assessment of a Kundalini process, just submit a narrative (not to exceed 20 typed pages) providing three self-histories (personal, health, and spiritual) based on our outline designed to facilitate your description. (Please number the pages. If you cannot type the pages, please write legibly on only the front side of paper for ease of reading.)  In addition, you are asked to include two recent, fairly large photographs (one of your face and one head-to-toe shot); a photocopy or photograph of your palms; the date, time, and location of your birth; and a Data Sheet (which you can download and print). The application information is needed to more fully understand the factors affecting your spiritual life. These methods are pursued only in the context of helping your spiritual process and not for addressing other life concerns. Confidentiality is carefully respected.

Once your Three Histories and other materials have been received, they are given careful study. Processing time varies. When PKYC has received your Three Histories, we will contact you to verify receipt.

After your assessment session, you can contemplate the findings and consider whether you feel motivated and eligible to proceed on to the subsequent services of PKYC, starting with the Recommendation Service, which entails participating in an Initial Spiritual Guidance Retreat. To proceed to this phase, applicants are required to return a signed document verifying that they understand and are willing and able to comply with PKYC’s format and that they meet the required life situation, lifestyle, health, and emotional criteria. (See Is PKYC Right for Me?).

Download an Assessment Packet that contains a Three Histories Document and a Data Sheet.

Three Histories

Data Sheet