Advanced Retreats

Upper Process Advancement Retreats (UPARs)

Upper Process Advancement Retreats (UPARs) are available to qualified PKYC consultees. Special PKYC Pilgrimage Retreats and Self Illumination Therapy Intensives are also available to approved PKYC consultees. These opportunities are designed to benefit sincere, mature spiritual practitioners by providing them with the opportunity to experience the special sacred qualities available at selected holy sites in India, to receive additional spiritual instruction and scripture study, and to deepen their spiritual practice. These retreats guide, support, and educate, post-Makara seekers to the ultimate spiritual Goal. The UPAR fee is for training and teaching services; accommodations and food are provided.

Solo UPAR in a Hermitage

This individual retreat in a Hermitage (cabin) includes revised individual spiritual practices and supplement recommendations with update and follow-up individual retreat consultations, spiritual log review, access to a DVD satsang, and in-person satsangs as appropriate. Twelve nights accommodations and staple dry goods in kitchen. Solo retreatants receive an Earth Fare gift card for groceries to cook for themselves in a Hermitage, or they can alternate between cooking meals and ordering lunch from a local Indian restaurant. The retreat fee is for training and teaching services; accommodations and food are provided.

Pilgrimage UPAR
 To increase spiritual progress and understanding, a select number of qualified individuals may participate in UPARs in Rishikesh, India, with Joan. These include revised practices, spiritual teachings, and visits to holy sites.