PKYC Directors

Bri. Joan Shivarpita Harrigan, Ph.D. – Director, PKYC-USA – Retired

Shiva has practiced, studied, and taught Raja yoga and Advaita Vedanta for more than thirty years. Initiated as a brahmacharini (monastic) in the Shankaracharya tradition in 1987, she was personally tutored in Traditional Kundalini Science by Swami Chandrasekharanand Saraswati, who chose her to represent the lineage of Kundalini Vidya and provide services in North America and the United Kingdom. She is the former director of PKYC-USA and is the author of Kundalini Vidya, The Science of Spiritual Transformation (2006) and Stories of Spiritual Transformation: The Fulfillment of Kundalini Process (2017). Her doctoral dissertation investigated the effects of Hatha yoga asanas and diaphragmatic breath awareness on stress. For twenty years, Shiva hosted Swamiji’s work in America as his disciple, apprentice, and authorized representative.

Swami Chandrasekharanand Saraswati – (1930 – 2016) – PKYC Spiritual Guide – Former Director, PKYC-India

Ordained a monk in the Adi Shankaracharya order in India in 1956, Swamiji had more than fifty years’ experience researching the teachings and methods for guiding Kundalini process. He supplemented his special instruction in oral tradition commentaries with intensive scripture study and by gathering spiritual methods throughout India. Versed in Raja yoga, Advaita Vedanta, Ayurveda, and Sanskrit and Tamil texts, Swamiji was the living representative authorized by a lineage of Kundalini specialists with an intact oral tradition more than five hundred years old and an ageless inner tradition. A repository of spiritual knowledge both ancient and modern, his outlook was universal and practical. Swamiji resided in Rishikesh, India. He left his body on March 30, 2016.

Bri Silvia Viryananda Eberl – Director of PKYC-India
Viryananda, the appointed lineage successor, is the resident director of PKYC-India, which
serves Europe and other parts of the globe.