The Five Steps of PKYC’s Spiritual Service

To improve the spiritual life of sincere seekers of all paths.


If you are interested in our approach, you can consider participating in our five steps of spiritual guidance and support:


Step One. 

Education: Understaning Our Approach

Review our website; read Kundalini Vidya: The Science of Spiritual Transformation. (To access the link to order the book, click on Books and Media above.)


Step Two. 

Assessment: Finding Out About Your Kundalini Process

Send in your Three Histories and receive a Kundalini Assessment.


Step Three. 

Initial Retreat: Receiving Individualized Spiritual Practices

Attend an Initial Spiritual Guidance Retreat.


Step Four. 

Spiritual Guidance: Ongoing Spiritual Consultations 

Schedule regular spiritual direction follow-up consultations.


Step Five. 

Advanced programs: Deepening Spiritual Practice and Understanding

Engage in Upper Process Advancement Retreats (UPARs) and Respite retreats.

Self-Illumination Therapy Training Intensives and India pilgrimages.

Individual UPARs are available; a group UPAR is an option if 3 to 4 people want to attend together and accommodations are available.